- Letter From A Friend -

I am writing to say how much I care for you.
I want you to know me better.
When you awoke this morning,
I exploded a brilliant sunrise through your window,
Hoping to get your attention.
But you didn’t even notice.
Later, you were walking with friends.
I bathed you in warm sunshine and perfumed the air with flowers.
Still, you didn’t notice me.
So I shouted to you in a thunderstorm,
And painted a beautiful rainbow.
You didn’t even look!
Tonight, I spilled moonlight on your face and sent a cool breeze to refresh you.
As you slept, I watched over you and shared your thoughts,
But you were unaware of my presence.
I hope you will talk to me soon.
When you’re ready, I will be near.
I love you very much.
Your friend,

Author Unknown

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